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I get asked constantly where I find the geratest stuff for my classroom without spending an absolute fortune. After all, I have three kids - where could I possibly find the cash? The truth is, I bargain shop! I shop when things are on sale, stash for later, and constantly have a ton of fun things to decorate and organize my classroom.

So I thought I would share a few things that I absolutely love with you!

1. This cart from IKEA:

This cart is invaluable! I have two in my house that I use for various things, and one in my classroom. At school, I use this cart to haul stacks of copies around, books, supplies, and anyting else that I need to move around the classroom or the school. On days that my class is scheduled to be in the comptuer lab, I stack all of my small group materials, my laptop, and any other resources that we might need for the day on this cart and wheel it down to the lab - mobile classroom! 

This cart sells on Amazon for about $51. You can buy it using this link:

IKEA Raskog Utility Cart Dark Blue 304.017.89 Size 13 3/4x17 3/4x30 3/4

2. These stools, also from IKEA:

I have about a dozen of these in my classroom, and at less than $5 each, I can afford to! I don't have any chairs in my classroom (other than the ones attached to the desks!), so these are great for small group tables or for students to sit at the computer table. These are also great for alternate seating options for students. Middle schoolers tend to get antsy sitting in a desk all day long and these stools offer them a fun alternative. 

I also love the flexabilty these stools give me as the teach! I carry one around the room with me while students are doing independent or group work and just plop down beside a student or with a group! 

This MARIUS stool can be purchased through this link:  Ikea Marius Stool, Black

3. These cardboard magazine boxes:

I use these magazine boxes as "cubbies" for student notebooks, data notebooks, start ups, and other various folders and papers that accumulate throughout the year. Each student has their own box and the are labeled with their name. I have these lined up on a shelf next to the front door to my classroom so that students can grab and go! 

These FLYT boxes can be bought in a 40 pack for about $1 a piece. You can purchase them here: Ikea Flyt 40 Magazine File Holder Paper Book Storage Office Desk Organizer White Case "40 PACK"

4. This awesome little table:

I have one of these in my classroom library corner. Students like to sit at this table sometimes on the floor with a pillow to complete assignments or to read. This table is pretty sturdy, though, we did discover that it might not hold up to a nearly 6-foot-tall teenage boy using it as a chair :) (don't worry, he was okay and had a good laugh about it!) 

This LACK sidetable is available here: Ikea Side Table, White

5. I am obsessed with these carts:

I have three of these in my classroom and use them to organize materials, handouts, homework, handwriting sheets, supplies for small groups, and much more! These carts have 10 drawers and are pretty sturdy and move on wheels. 

This cart is about $35 and can be purchased here: Seville Classics 10-Drawer Organizer Cart, Pearlescent Multi-Color

6. This fun Lightbox!

I was gifted one of these by a teacher who was leaving our school last year. I have had so much fun changing the letters and posting fun and inspirational messages for my students this year. 

I have seen these used by teachers to take fun class photos, celebrate birthdays or accomplishments, post countdowns, and inspire students. 

There are tons of fun letters and sets that you can buy for these light boxes.

This box will run you $19.99 on Amazon and can be found here: light box, cinematic lightbox / A4 message light box / Cinema Box with 350 letters,numbers and symbols by FSC

7. This rug from IKEA:

I really like having rugs in my classroom because it warms up the sterileness of hard tile floors. I have rugs lining my reading corner where students can sit and read or complete assignments. 

The exact color that I have in my classroom is different than the one pictures but this one is comperable in price and is basically the same color scheme :)  

Rugs can be really expensive, so you cannot go wrong with this IBSTED run from Ikea!

This run costs $12.99 and can be found here

As you can see, I have quite a love affair with IKEA... fortunately, I live pretty close to a location here in Florida! IKEA has lots of organization and decoration options for classrooms that are extremely affordable. In fact, I have to stop myself sometimes because I will just buy all. of. the. things.