Diversify Your Classroom Library with These 15 Titles!

by - June 19, 2018

One of my big goals over the last year has been to bring more diversity into my classroom library. I have several hundred books in my classroom for my students to read, and truthfully, most of them never get touched! 

Because I teach in a town that is predominantly Hispanic and Haitian, it stands to reason that getting my reluctant-to-read students to read when their only options include mostly white protagonists - it makes sense that my library sits idle all school year. 

Students need to read about people and experiences that they can relate to. They need to see themelves in the characters. They need to see their own cultural values celebrated in literature.

Also, we need to elevate and celebrate diverse authors and people of color who are writing amazing pieces of literature. 

So I am filling my classroom library with a variety of titles about different cultures, ethnicities, religions, and differences. I am excited to introduce my students to these titles this upcomg school year! 

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If you have any title suggestions please put them in the comments section!

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